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"The Performance Workshop is a great workout for those new to screen acting, or more experienced actors who feel a bit rusty! It's all about being leaping in and playing, taking risks with your choices without being focussed on a final 'performance'. Rupert was so good at stretching us within a short period of time. I found that having a camera on us without feeling fully prepared was an interesting and challenging exercise that blew off the cobwebs! I love Sarah's approach to creativity, not precious, just full of spirit and open to the moment."

- Simone McAullay (Home & Away, Broadchurch, Blue Heelers)



"By far my favourite workshop I've done."

- Eloise Molloy (Chic Management)

"My favourite part was being with such a lovely group of creatives, doing exercises together, complimenting and watching each other's work.

I'd recommend the Performance Workshop; Chris and Sarah together run a smooth, professional space dedicated to get the best performance out of the actors. On the day we experienced many moving parts - exercises that got the actors ready to work in front of the camera, to be in their voice and bodies. All of which came together beautifully under Chris' passionate, embodied directing. The finished takes were of astounding high quality thanks to Sarah and her nifty gimble. The most practical thing I learnt was doing less and just being present is enough for a performance of high watchability. The 'private moments'. The camera indeed captures everything." - Jazz Zedekhai

"My favourite part of the workshop was meeting people within the working industry and sharing stories and experience. It felt rewarding to gain the experiences of industry professionals, especially in the way of working hands-on and diligently to make sure that you take away the best self-tape possible. I would 100% recommend the Actors Workshop to other people due to the unmatched positivity inside the space and the ability to be free and do what makes you happy. The most important and practical thing that I learned was that when learning and working with your partner is that repeating their line after they say it and them doing the same as you do the scene can make getting into each other's head and getting in tune with the character and the scene 1000 times better. This work shop was absolutely amazing and definitely will not forget everything that Sarah and Chris did for me personally that day!" - Tori Aston  

“I’ve recently had the absolute pleasure of working with the delightful & exceptionally talented TV & Film Duo. Sarah and Chris are absolutely fantastic!!! They are warm, friendly and inclusive, exceptionally hard working, very well prepared & organised, give insightful directions, and spent considerable time working with my scene partner and I to give the best performance we could. Sarah & Chris are clearly leading professional experts in their fields, not just in Australia but world-wide, and, more importantly, they have the skill, intuition and patience to convey that expertise to anyone from any skill level who are lucky enough to work with them.” - Genevieve Mathews

“The Performance Workshop run by Sarah Doyle and Christopher Sommers was so refreshing. The atmosphere was so open, light-hearted and encouraging, and the actors were given such freedom to the explore their characters and scenes. A series of warm-ups and excercises gave me the tools to connect with my partner and become confident with my character and their perspective, so that when it was time to shoot I was in the right head space to listen and react authentically. Instead of being daunted by the word ‘action’, I felt I could let go and have fun.” – Hannah Clark

"From the moment I pressed the button confirming a place in the Performance Workshop, I was terribly excited and nervous. It was my first screen acting workshop since being quite young and so I wasn't sure how it would play out and if I would enjoy it as much as I thought I would. But I was not disappointed. The group was a mishmash of both ages and backgrounds as well as degrees of knowledge about the art of screen acting. It was such a welcoming and calming environment that allowed not only I myself but everyone around to really feel comfortable, and for me, I felt comfortable doing something out of my comfort zone. The beauty that screen acting brings, and the close-up and personal shooting was a completely different version of performance compared to my usual theatre performances and it intrigues me to learn more about it. Thank you so much to Christopher Sommers and Sarah Doyle and The Performance Workshop for the opportunity and I hope to be back soon doing various workshops as this art form is something that I am really passionate about and hungry for more!" – Minette Cooper

“I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday's onscreen acting workshop. Coming from a stage-only background, I was really nervous to be working in front of a camera but I felt that the environment was really supportive and I gained so much from the experience! I found the relationship and intimacy exercises to be incredibly powerful in establishing a true and authentic connection with my scene partner. In my previous stage acting experience, I have been able to have multiple rehearsals with a scene partner prior to the performance whereas, today, we needed to establish that same connection in a far shorter period of time. Working in this environment was very eye opening and I really enjoyed creating those powerful moments of intimacy with my scene partner in those initial exercises. I believe it positively informed the connection we were able to achieve in our scene.

I am very excited to see the final/edited scene and use it as a learning tool to inform my future practice. I really look forward to doing more onscreen acting workshops and classes and would be very interested in any that came up with The Performance Workshop.” – Abby O’Brien

“I was apprehensive about over acting and how to tone it down. I learnt to tone down and connect with my scene partner. I have enjoyed the day very much and have learnt to listen, connect, respond – feel. Thank you. Loved the workshop. Will attend more so please keep me posted, even for Sydney.” – Irene Brown

“Thanks so much again for creating such a safe space, I got a lot out of the workshop!” – Jordyn Tomars

“Let me just say, THANK YOU! The videos have come out great and I appreciate the work you do and for having me in the workshop.” – Summiar Eyers

“I have learnt the importance of relationships over lines. The power of eye contact. Sending ideas through eyes. Connecting to scene partner through deep listening. Before coming to the workshop I’d been more focused on the delivery of my lines and less significant details of the character. Now I can see the magic that occurs between the characters. Knowing her personality, perspective and purpose I could release into letting it unfold.” – Aurora Liddle-Christie

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